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Swisscom to become a Presenting Partner for HeroFest

07.02.2019 - High-profile boost for HeroFest: Swisscom is set to become a Presenting Partner for the most important e-sports events in the German-speaking world, and will host the winter finals of the 2019 Swisscom Hero League at the BERNEXPO exhibition and trade centre. In order to ensure fans of League of Legends, Hearthstone and Clash Royale can enjoy the perfect backdrop for the final duel of the year, HeroFest has been postponed for five weeks and will now take place from 22 to 24 November 2019.

After announcing the launch of their very own e-sports league – the Swisscom Hero League, powered by ESL – at last year’s HeroFest, Swisscom is now getting involved as a Presenting Partner for Switzerland’s most important e-sports event at the BERNEXPO exhibition and trade centre. “We are delighted about this partnership with the BERNEXPO GROUP and the opportunity to broadcast the Winter Finals of the Swisscom Hero League during HeroFest. We are convinced that, by working with the event organisers, we can offer the community a fantastic gaming experience,” explains Annette Kohler, Partnership & Live Experiences Project Manager at Swisscom.

A successful trio BERNEXPO GROUP, Swisscom and MYI

“With HeroFest, we are kindling emotions, sparking curiosity and bringing the Swiss e-sports community together in one place. Working in collaboration with Swisscom and our co-organiser MYI Entertainment, it will allow us to significantly reinforce and develop our market relevance,” explains Wolfgang Schickli, Head of Exhibitions & Events B2C at the BERNEXPO GROUP. “We were completely overjoyed that Swisscom chose the first HeroFest in 2018 as the launch platform for its Hero League,” adds Cedric Schlosser, CEO and founder of MYI Entertainment, the event’s co-organiser. “So we are now even more pleased that Swisscom is actively supporting the e-sports community in Switzerland as a Presenting Partner. We are convinced that this boost will take the second edition of HeroFest to the next level.”

Winter Finals at the BERNEXPO exhibition and trade centre

Four months after the launch of the Hero League, the qualifying rounds for League of Legends, Hearthstone and Clash Royale are now complete, with the group phase to be streamed on and from 18 February. The first final of the Swisscom Hero League will take place in Zurich in May, with the final knock-outs from the second season being broadcast at HeroFest in Bern. Each of the winners will take away prize money totalling CHF 16,000.

Focus on SwitzerLAN in 2019

The first time HeroFest was held, it was a massive hit, attracting 12,000 visitors from the gamer, geek and cosplay scenes. “E-sports is something everybody is talking about, and we are very proud to be able to call ourselves the most important event in Switzerland after just one year. One important element of this is SwitzerLAN, a LAN party with over 2,000 people taking part – making it the biggest in any German-speaking country. This event will be one of the absolute highlights once again in 2019,” explains HeroFest organiser Anne Maria Schneider.

Farming Simulator, Solaris and Nox are back

There is even more good news to report for the next edition of HeroFest: in a first for the event, Swiss games developers GIANTS Software have announced the introduction of the Farming Simulator league, to be hosted at this year’s HeroFest. Cult favourite Farming Simulator is a game allowing virtual farms to spend EUR 15,000 creating the best fields. There is also good news for fans of the Solaris coven and the Nox wolf pack: “The faction and quest system is to be expanded following its massive success in 2018. Exhibitors and visitors will be even more closely involved in the process,” explains Anne Maria Schneider. The whole education section for gaming and media will also be bigger. Fantasy and cosplay will remain important elements of the event.

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