FAQ - General

When will HeroFest take place?
Where will HeroFest take place?
What are the opening hours of HeroFest?
How do I get to HeroFest?
Is there parking at HeroFest?
When is the program fixed?
Will there be options for food and drinks at HeroFest?
Is there an age limit for participation in HeroFest?
Is there a costume requirement?
Is HeroFest's site barrier-free?
Will there be photos and recordings of me?
Can I withdraw cash at HeroFest?
Where are the toilets located on the premises?
Can I be refused entry to HeroFest?
Are dogs allowed at HeroFest?

FAQ - Tickets

Where can I buy HeroFest Tickets?
In what form will I receive the ticket?
Which types of tickets are being offered?
How much dies a HeroFest Ticket Cost?
Do you have tickets for children?
Can I transfer my ticket to another person?
What happens to my tickets if the HeroFest is cancelled/postponed?
What if I already have a ticket but can't attend HeroFest?
13. - 15. October 2023

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