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Drone pilots turn the BERNEXPO into a race track

10.10.2018 - As part of the Swiss Drone League, drone pilots from all over the country are going to race around the HeroFest track all weekend long.

The Swiss Drone League consists of four races, one of which takes place at the HeroFest this weekend. Switzerland’s best pilots fly their quadcopters through the race track, reaching speeds of up to 120 kilometers per hour. The copters as well as the checkpoints the pilots have to pass are equipped with LED lights, turning the race into a true spectacle to watch.

There is a small camera on each race copter. This camera sends live footage to a pair of video goggles, which the pilot wears. This way, the racers guide their copters from the ego-perspective, so it only makes sense that the sport is also called first-person-view-racing (FPV Racing).

At the HeroFest, the pilots collect valuable points for the Swiss Drone League. The races are casted professionally and some of them are watchable via livestream.

Drone racing is a sport that has gathered major momentum in the last few years. Much like Esports, it is getting more and more attention from sponsors, the sponsors, and the media.

Friday:      Training         from 12pm
Saturday: Qualifikation  from 12pm
Sunday:    Warm-Up       from 10am
                  Finale              from 12:30pm

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