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Nintendo Cosplay Catwalk

09.10.2018 - You would like to try out Cosplay but still have a lot of respect for real contests and the jury’s harsh feedback? Nintendo has organised the perfect Cosplay Catwalk for you at the HeroFest.

As one of our largest exponents, Nintendo organises a daily catwalk, at 11:30 on the Fantasy Stage at the HeroFest. The Nintendo Cosplay Catwalk is going to be held without jury and without evaluation, so everybody can participate. It doesn’t matter whether your costume is homemade or factory-made, new or old, or whether you participate in a group or solo, the rules are open. 

The only condition is this: you have to dress up as a character who has appeared on at least one Nintendo console once. That means you’re not limited to classic Nintendo characters like Link or Super Mario. Other characters from the Marvel, DC, Dragon Ball or Resident Evil universes are also allowed. If you’re unsure whether your character has been in a game on a Nintendo console, a quick Google search will help you.

Sign ups are open every day until 11:00 at the Cospital at the HeroFest. All participants get a free goodiebag from Nintendo. Additionally, Nintendo is giving away prices randomly among all participants.

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