HeroFest Quest System 🪙

Your own adventure awaits you!

In the ultimate battle for glory and honour between the powerful Solaris ☀️and Nox 🐺 factions, you are the true hero.

Led by the charismatic Helia and Nico, these factions compete in an epic contest for control of the mysterious Origin.

While Solaris strives to travel to distant worlds and save them from disintegration, Nox wants to expand and strengthen the Nexus to create a safe home for all.

Are you ready to forge your legend and lead your faction to the top?

During HeroFest, you'll earn valuable points through heroic deeds that feed directly into the epic story. These deeds charge the Origin with powerful energy, which is used to travel to new worlds and transform the Nexus. The winning faction will gain control of this energy and determine the fate of the Nexus and its inhabitants for the coming year. Enter a world of adventure and myth, face the greatest challenges and fight for the glory of your faction. Your actions can change the course of history and pave the way for future heroes.

Your epic souvenir to take home!

Fight for your faction and win fantastic prizes such as the latest games, high-quality gaming peripherals and exclusive HeroFest goodies. Whether you covet a brand new headset, a powerful gaming mouse or limited edition collectibles, there's something for everyone at HeroFest. Don't miss out on this opportunity and take home epic rewards that will make your gamer heart beat faster!

11 - 13 October 2024

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